Top Sports Injuries Surrounding the Sport of MLB Baseball


When it comes to baseball, especially major league baseball, the majority of injuries occur to the hitter and the pitcher. Understanding what injuries are the most common, and what causes them, is essential to a proper diagnosis and treatment. Continue reading below for the various common injuries in MLB Baseball.


Whether they are dodging a ball accidentally aimed at them, or swinging hard at that perfect pitch, batters are at a high risk for injury and are protected by little more than a helmet on their head. Additionally hitters are also at risk when they are out of the batting area and rounding the bases towards home. While running they face a variety of threats such as the injuries sustained while diving towards a base, or accidentally colliding with another player.

–          Muscle strain – this is a very common injury that results when there is a pull or tear in a muscle. The main ones that tends to be injured in a batter is either the hamstring, which is located on the back of the thigh, or the quadriceps, which are located at the front of the thigh. Because players must rapidly propel themselves towards a base, then come to a stop almost as quickly, the powerful muscles in their legs are at risk due to the suddenness of the movements.

–          Meniscus tears – the meniscus is the padded disc around the knee joint and can easily tear due to the excessive running they do during practice and on the field.

–          Hand/wrist injuries – there are a variety of injuries that can occur to the hand or wrist from a variety of sources. Diving to the ground and attempting to get to a base can easily result in a hand or wrist injury, or simply colliding with a player as they aim for home.


Pitchers are the key element in the offensive side of a baseball team. They are often the most highly sought after players due to the difficulty of the position. Understandably they fast a wide range of possible injuries both from throwing the ball, and from other players.

–          Elbow Tendinitis – this often occurs in the elbow and is the result of inflammation around the tendons due to excessive pitching and overuse.

–          Rotator cuff tendinitis – this is caused often by the same reasons as elbow tendinitis, and unfortunately they go hand in hand. It affects the rotator cuff in the shoulder.

–          Dead arm – this is a common injury that is actually just temporary and due to over use. The muscles will fatigue, often after extensive training practices, and render the arm temporarily “dead”.

–          Labral tears – the labrum is located in the shoulder and a tear in it is due to overuse and overexertion. This is actually tissue damage that occurs in the cartilage surrounding the socket of the shoulder joint. When it tears it is due to the extreme force at which the balls are thrown, and can be mildly painful, or even render an arm useless for extended periods of time until it heals.

These injuries tend sometime can be healed with the help of special sports medicene under specialist supervision.

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