Tchoukball – The Perfect Team-Building Game


It is very common these days for companies and workplaces to have their own sports teams. The idea is that bonding outside of working hours with your fellow employees makes for a better working environment and better team spirit when at work. One of the fastest-growing sports in the UK over the last five years is Tchoukball and it might just be the perfect game for employers and their staff.

What Exactly Is Tchoukball?

Tchoukball (pronounced “chookball”) is a sport invented in the 1970s by the Swiss doctor, Hermann Brandt. He wanted to create a sport that would have very few injuries while still remaining a healthy and competitive activity. The end result was a cross between volleyball, netball and handball, and the sport has spread across the world to be played everywhere from Brazil and China to the USA and the UK.

The game is played with teams of seven per side (though only five from each play at a time, with two substitutes) on a court measuring around 27 metres by 16 metres. There is a small bouncy net at either end of the court and teams can score points at either end. You must link throws together with your team-mates and hit the net with the ball to score. You only get a point if your rebound hits the court floor outside of the Forbidden Zone (an area around the nets where you cannot score from). Hit the target with a safe rebound to score a point, but miss the target and the other team gets one.

Why Is It Perfect for Team-Building in the Workplace?

With the idea being to create a highly competitive game but without the high injury factor, Tchoukball was designed to be completely non-contact. The key to winning is putting together runs of passes between players before aiming for a target to score points. It’s all about communication between players and working as a fast-paced slick machine. The non-contact aspect also means that anyone can play against anyone. Teams of mixed sexes and age groups can play together – perfect for a work-based team-building activity. Fewer injuries on the playing field also mean less time taken off from work, which is good for everyone.

How to Get Started

One very helpful thing about Tchoukball is that the equipment needed is minimal. You’ll need the proper nets and balls, but apart from that it’s easy. You can wear anything you like, you don’t need any pads or special shoes and you can play on any hard surface. Specialist shops will sell the nets and you can get the balls from somewhere such as SportsBallShop online. You’ll just need some tape to mark out the Forbidden Zone and you are ready to play.

You can take a look on the BBC for further information on the sport. It’s a great all-round workout that puts the priority on teamwork and communication. Try it out for yourself and see how much fun you can have.


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