Four Of The Best Spectator Sports And Why They’re Great


spectator sportsWhile nothing beats playing your favorite sport with a group of friends, watching sports can be fun as well. Many people complain that watching sports is uneventful and therefore not worth the time. However, there are a handful of sports that are as fun and exciting to watch as they are to play.



While not as popular in the United States, soccer has become one of the most, if not the most, popular sport in the entire world. Many teams have cult-like followings. Kids begin to play at young ages with hopes to play professional ball when they get older. So, what makes watching soccer so fun? The main fun part of watching soccer is the atmosphere of the soccer stadium. Many teams have team songs that the fans sing. In addition, fans get into the games and cheer fanatically for their favorite team. All spectators get involved in the game at soccer events.



An American Classic, football fans are some of the most fun to be around. Attend any game involving the Green Bay Packers and you will understand what makes football games so fun. Fans often dress up in jerseys, body paint and other paraphernalia to show love for their favorite players. Another fun part about watching football is that you do not have to be in the football stadium to get in the spirit of the game. During the regular and post season, many people have parties at their homes with delicious food and drink for the attendees. Then, everyone gathers around the TV and cheers for the players, like they are at the stadium. What is more fun then being surrounded by family, friends and food watching your favorite team win a key game of the season?


Horse Racing

Horse racing, while one of the oldest and most historic sports, is a sport many people forget about even though the Kentucky Derby continues to be one of the most popular sporting events in the United States. Many people watch the the races on TV, but the real excitement takes place when watching them live. One of the most popular activites when watching these races is gambling. Many people who do not gamble normally make an exception for the races. Many people pay attention to the clothing of the jockey as well as the look of the horse. The jockey must make sure his horse racing boots are in tip-top shape. To make the ride as comfortable as possible, the jockey may decide to wear Loveson Jodhpurs as well. All of the small details of the horse and its rider help to make horse racing a sport that continues to be a great sport to watch.


Ice Hockey

Ice hockey contines to gain fans and the National Hockey League continues to make money. The biggest draw to watching ice hockey is the interactions between players. Unlike other sports, players are allowed to get rough with one another with little or no punishment. Ice hockey players are also notorious for starting fights on the rink. One of the main draws to the game is the hope that some excitement, like a disagreement between players or even a brawl, will happen. Even when players are civil, hockey continues to be an exciting and fast-paced game.

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