Reasons why you should play field hockey


As the NHS website states, around 93,000 people regularly play hockey in England alone. With such a large figure from one small country, it becomes clear that hockey is one of the most popular sports. And it is easy to see why; hockey boasts a wealth of benefits on both a physical and social level. Here are just a few:


It’s cardiovascular

In order to keep our hearts healthy, we need to give it a regular workout to really get it pumping. Hockey is a great way of doing this, as it is both physically demanding and energetic. You can burn a lot of calories in the process too. My Calorie Counter can help you to work out just how many you have burnt, but the average person can burn in excess of 500 calories in just one hours’ worth of play.

It builds muscle

We all dream of having that perfect, muscle bound body. One way of achieving this without spending hours on end in the gym is by playing hockey. The movement of swinging the hockey stick, controlling the ball and manoeuvring around the pitch will help you to build up and tone your leg and arm muscles. In fact, many people notice a change in their physique soon after they start to play hockey.

It relieves stress

Sometimes, a stress ball just won’t cut it! Whether it’s a result of our work commitments or our home lives, too many of us suffer from excessive stress. This common problem can lead to serious health problems and conditions, so it is vital that we relieve it in some way.

Exercise has frequently been named as an ideal outlet for stress, so what better sport than hockey? Spending an hour or two whacking a ball around a pitch with a stick is sure to get your frustrations out!

It is important that you invest in equipment that can withstand the full extent of your anger. Your hockey stick is sure to take a beating, so you’ll need to invest in a good quality one to see you through. Take a look at the range of hockey sticks from Hockey Factory Shop. They’re all really well-made so would make an excellent choice, plus you can even pick up a hockey bag to ensure your stick stays safe off the pitch too.

It’s sociable

For most people, heading to the gym is hardly the highlight of their social calendar, as they pop in their headphones and isolate themselves from the world. A hockey team, on the other hand, has sixteen players, providing plenty of opportunity to form friendships and build new relationships. You’ll be a social butterfly in no time!

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