Olympic Dreams: 5 Athletes Poised to Make a Huge Impression at Sochi


Olympic Dreams--5 Athletes Poised to Make a Huge Impression at Sochi picBefore you know it, the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia will be playing on your television sets. If you are a fan of the Winter Olympics, you probably know all about big stars like Shaun White, Lindsey Vonn, and Alex Ovechkin. While these athletes are great to watch, there are also a few newcomers that will be worth looking out for in February of 2014. Here are 5 newbies ready to make a big splash in Russia.



1) Sara Takanishi


This Japanese teenager hopes to make a splash in women’s ski jumping. This particular event is making its Olympic debut in 2014. The star ski jumper, who stands under five feet tall, attributes her amazing sense of balance to her childhood ballet training. A winner of the overall World Cup title, Takanishi hopes to add Olympic gold to her list of athletic accomplishments and she’s well-positioned to do so.



2) Katie Summerhayes


The English freestyle skier is only a teenager, but she has already won the first World Cup medal for an English woman in two decades. Summerhayes may be coming back from a knee injury, but it wont dash her hopes for a Sochi medal if she has anything to say about it.



3) Gracie Gold


This American figure skater has all the technical skills needed to go for the gold. She took second at the most recent U.S. championships and competed in the world championships. She’s known for her beautiful style and technical prowess. Not only does Gold have the talent to go for the podium, she has the perfect name for Olympic glory!



4) Ayumu Hirano


Shaun White has some competition for the Olympic halfpipe competition. Hirano gave White a run for his money at the 2013 X Games. With his unique skills and style, many say that this Japanese teenager is the future of snowboarding. It remains to be seen whether the future starts in 2014.



5) Mark McMorris


This high flying Canadian is a threat for the gold in the slopestyle competition, which is a downhill snowboarding contest. While all eyes will be on Shaun White, many expect McMorris to take home the gold. Slopestyle is also making its Olympic debut in 2014. If he medals, you can be sure there will be an emotional telephone call home to his family and friends.



The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi promises to be full of exciting, death defying feats of strength, grace, and athletic prowess. If you haven’t already, check out the many available sport packages to find one that offers all the Olympics coverage you want . You don’t want to miss a moment of this worldwide gathering of athleticism and good will.

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