How to Stay Healthy – and even Lose Weight – Whilst Holding Down an Office Job


Admittedly, it’s hard for anyone to lose weight – and keep it off – when one is working in an office. Why? The answer is simple: because you’re sitting down for hours at a time, and you don’t really get many opportunities to be active. And, at the end of that working day, many of us are too tired or lazy to go to the gym. So what’s the solution? Here’s what you should know about how to stay healthy – and even lose weight – whilst holding down an office job.

Walk as often as you can

Whilst sitting down for a long time is a given when you work in an office, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance to walk. Why not take a walk on your lunch break? If you bring a car to work, park a bit farther away than you usually park. One other obvious solution would be to take the stairs rather than taking the lift. If your office is on a higher floor, you can take the lift up to a few flights down from your office and just take the stairs for the rest of the flights.

Move around

Again, sitting in front of your desk need not limit your physical activity. Take a stroll around the office every two hours or so just to stretch your legs. Also, instead of giving a colleague a ring when you need to ask something, visit them at their desk.

Always eat breakfast

A lot of us are in a hurry in the morning – and we end up not eating breakfast. But this is one of the worst things you can do for your metabolism. To put it simply, don’t miss breakfast, even if you just settle for a boiled egg, some butter on toast, or cereal when you don’t have time to prepare anything fancy. Missing breakfast slows down your metabolism and makes you crave fattier food when lunch time comes.

Hydrate yourself

It’s also important to keep yourself constantly hydrated in the office. There’s no excuse for it – all offices have water, so bring your container, fill it up, and have it beside you. Drinking water throughout the workday also helps make you feel full, so you won’t be tempted to reach out for an unhealthy snack. Another benefit: drinking lots of water can really improve your skin.

Distract yourself

When you feel like you want to have a snack (especially when there’s a lot of downtime in the office), distract yourself by doing something else. Play a game such as online bingo, and you even have a chance to win some money (you can always check out the latest bingo news on the trendiest and most fun games). You can also chat with a colleague or call a friend – anything to keep yourself distracted. After a few minutes, you won’t have that craving any longer, guaranteed.

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