How to Properly Train Outdoors Under the Cold Weather of Alaska


Fitness training aims to enhance the overall health and wellbeing of a person. If you have enough strength and endurance, you can even do it under the weather of Alaska.

Training does not always point towards competing in sports, building muscle or an improvement in appearance. Regular exercise normally results in better muscle tone and healthier appearance. Thus, it is necessary for you to prepare properly before going into any fitness training. This is particularly true when training in a cold environment like Alaska.  Make the necessary preparations to ensure one can train properly outdoors even in the winter.

Suitable Clothing

The first thing to consider when you train in Alaska is proper clothing. Proper clothing keeps you protected from the cold weather in the area.

You can wear compression shorts for running to increase aerobic threshold and efficiently clear lactate from the muscles. Wearing fleece pants over the shorts keeps you warm without weighing them down. Wool long-sleeved shirts keep your trunk warm during training. An insulated windproof jacket can provide added protection against the elements. Fleece-lined gloves can shield your hands from the cold weather. A scarf can also be used to ensure air is warm before breathing it in. A good pair of trail running shoes offers good protection while training. Wool felt insoles can keep your feet warm inside the shoes.

Proper Warm Up

A proper indoor warm up can prepare your body for the cold weather outside. Olympian Jeff Galloway recommends walking around or jogging in place for five minutes before you go out for training.

Avoid Water and Open Roads

You should train along trails lined with trees or areas close to tall buildings. This allows you to avoid cold wind during your training. It is best to avoid running along trails close to water or on open roads.

Start With Baby Steps

It is not advisable to underestimate the cold weather in Alaska. You can start small when training in cold weather. If you can run ten miles in a warm environment, you can limit your run to five miles in Alaska. It is also advisable to be flexible and check the weather before training outdoors. If it is extremely cold, it is best to postpone training until the weather improves.

Cool Down Properly

Cooling down gradually is recommended after training. You can slow down their pace for four minutes before ending the run. Suitable stretching is also advisable after going inside. You can start taking off outer layers of clothing and continue to move around for ten minutes before going to the shower. Proper training allows

Importance of Proper Training

Proper training allows you to acclimatize yourself to the cold weather in case you want to go on running around the area. Training is Alaska is not as easy as in warmer locations in the country. This is mainly due to the extreme weather up north.


It is important for you to always keep safety in mind when training in the area. The cold environment can have a major effect on your health and wellbeing. Due to this, it is essential to prepare properly before you train outdoors in Alaska.



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