English Premier League – The Most-Watched Football Event Worldwide

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English Premier League, in short EPL, is a professional football league in England. Its official name is Barclays Premier League as it is sponsored by a leading British banking and financial services company Barclays Bank. The league was started on 20 February, 1992 as the FA Premier League. EPL takes place from August to May every year, and 20 clubs complete in it. In addition to English clubs, the Welsh clubs can also participate. Each team plays 38 games. The first season run from 15 August, 1992 to 11 May, 1993, and Manchester United were the champions.

EPL is one of the most-watched football events across the world. It is broadcasted in more than 212 territories, and has more than 4.7 billion viewers. The 2010-11 average league match attendance was over 35,000, which was the second highest of any professional football league.

The 2015-16 English Premier League season has started on 8 August, 2015. Millions of people are eager to know who will lift the trophy. Will The Blues register their second win in a row? Or the Manchester United makes record with 14 wins in the EPL history? What about the last season runner up Manchester City? These are the questions running in the minds of the football fans.

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