Car Cleaning Tips from the Experts


During the festive season we certainly get a lot of use out of our cars, so before things get hectic, it’s a good idea to give the car a good top to bottom clean, to ensure everything is sparkling and ready for the rush! With the tips we’ve shared in this article, you’ll be able to get your car smelling fresh on the inside and gleaming on the outside!


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Cleaning a car is a step-by-step process – so make your way through this checklist:


  • Start by checking your car over for scratches and damage – take your car to a good repairs specialist and they can straighten out any bumps and make your car run more smoothly with a quick service. We recommend Howard Basford for car services in Manchester.
  • If you need specific parts for your car, you may also benefit from visiting a specialised dealership to buy parts. If you have a Ford, we recommend visiting Lancashire Ford, who are the best dealers for Ford in Preston.
  • When you get your car home, start the cleaning process by scrubbing the wheels of your car with a stiff bristled brush – this will really help get dirt out the treads and wheel parts.
  • Rinse the wheels with clean water, and proceed to give the entire car a wash with warm soapy water. Focus on the worst areas for dirt like the back bumper of the car and around the wheels.
  • Rinse away soapsuds, and give you car a polish with a specialised car polish. You may also want to take a moment to clean up the smaller parts of your car like the wing mirrors, the windscreen wipers and the lights.
  • Once you are happy with the outside of your car, you’ll need to remove any rubbish from the car and proceed to hoover the carpets and upholstery – if your car upholstery is leather, polish it with a specialised leather cleaner.
  • Next take a regular table polish and clean your dashboard and any plastic in your car, paying extra attention to the steering wheel and gear stick.
  • Finish your car off by adding a scented air freshener and using Febreeze on any fabrics!


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