6 Modern Medicine Innovations For Athletes To Take Advantage Of

Brainerd Warriors' head coach Ron Stolski chats with defensive back Trevor Dukowitz and tells him not to get discouraged, that the DB position requires resiliency, and that he has "the stuff to be a good player and leader."

shooting for the goldInjuries are commonplace among athletes; in the past, dealing with sport injuries took time and patience. Fortunately, there have been many advances in the field of sports rehabilitation and surgery. Injuries that used to knock athletes out of commission can now be diagnosed and treated quickly.

Technology and science are helping athletes perform at peak levels. If you are an athlete, take advantage of the following modern medicine innovations:

Smartphone Monitoring Apps

Imagine being able to send your doctor vital statistics in real-time through your phone. New apps are being developed that can do just that; your doctor or trainer can evaluate your performance based on the feedback from the app.


New health scanners have hit the market; these scanners allow athletes to quickly scan and store information about their injuries. Scanners are very useful for doctors and nurses; they allow them to quickly diagnose and monitor injuries. Scanners are great for tracking wounds; they help athletes figure out if they are healing correctly.


Athletes that don’t know how Kinesio tape works are stuck bandaging injuries with old braces; these braces are uncomfortable and bulky. The StrenghtTape found at StrengthTape.com helps support your muscles, joints and tendons without the bulkiness of a brace. It is easy to apply and stays put through any conditions.

Concussion Management Systems

High contact sports often result in concussions; if not taken care of properly, concussions can have many negative side effects on athletes. If an athlete returns to the game before proper treatment is given, then the results can be deadly. New concussion management systems have been introduced; they instantly detect brain injuries. The systems offer guidance to athletes; they let them know when it is safe for them to get back into the game.

Web 2.0 Doctors

Web 2.0 doctors are great for diagnosing symptoms; they can point athletes in the right direction for treatment. New websites are cropping up to help bridge the gap between athletes and physicians; if you are experiencing problems, hop on one of these sites for a bit of direction.


Medpidia is a site that athletes can use to get access to a wealth of health information; this free information can help athletes pinpoint and treat any problems they may be experiencing. It can give you a general idea of what is wrong with you; just make sure to never try to replace your doctor with it.

Technology is changing sports medicine; as an athlete, it is important to take advantage of all the new technological advancements in the field. If you do, you will increase your performance while reducing your risk of injury.

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