5 Rising Golf Stars to Keep Your Eye On

5 Rising Golf Stars to Keep Your Eye On pic

Chris Stroud at the AT&T National Practice Round

If you’re good at something, try to make a career out of it. That’s the advice given to many youngsters these days. After all, you will be much more likely to succeed if you have passion for something. Well, these golf enthusiasts took a leap of faith and ended up surprising everyone including themselves. Here are five up-and-coming golf stars to look out for.



1. Hideki Matsuyama


Matsuyama is a fresh 21-year-old who simply loves to play the game. His enthusiasm for the sport can be seen when he’s out on the grass. This cheery young man might not be well known yet, but he’s starting to make heads turn his way. Just half a year after turning pro, Matsuyama made it to the President’s Cup, but he failed to impress. Nonetheless, he’s already done well in past U.S. and British Open events and shows tons of promise.



2. Seung-Yul Noh


This kid has played in a handful of big-name tournaments over the years. His first major win was at a European Tour event–and he was only 18 at the time. Noh is probably best known for performing solidly as a rookie on the 2012 PGA Tour, and he’s managed to stay eligible for the 2013-2014 PGA Tour by doing well at the Web.com Tour Finals. He’s got his sights set on big things, and there’s little doubt that he has the talent to achieve them.



3. Ben Martin


Martin graduated from Clemson University, but he never really needed to put his degree to use. Being a natural golfer, Martin took a shot at playing in the pros. He’s already managed to rake in over $400,000 in regular season earnings, and he’s consistently ranked at the top in the Web.com Tour. Such a hotshot should have his own line of Golfmotion.com.au custom golf balls or polo shirts.



4. Chris Stroud


Stroud had four top-ten finishes at the Travelers Championship. He ended the 2013 PGA Tour with a whopping $1.6 million in prize earnings–a personal lifetime best for the rookie and more money than anyone could realistically imagine having at his age. It’s clear that Stroud has true talent, and he’ll surely stick around the pro circuit for a while.



5. Edward Loar


Loar might not be as young as all the other guys, but this 35-year-old definitely puts up a good fight when he’s in the zone. Heading the Web.com Tour in birdie and putting averages, he only earned less money in the regular season than three other players. Loar is also known for having a strong arm as his average hit off the tee was just over 309 yards this year.



As seasoned pros retire from the sport, new talent enters the world of professional golf. These characters add excitement and uncertainty to the game, and renowned pros might even fall to their skills during a major tournament. It’s the low-lying underdogs that make golf consistently entertaining.

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