Top Places in the World You Can Go to Fly Fish


Looking forward to catching more exotic fish? Then, pack your bags and fishing gear, and get ready to travel to the best fly fishing destinations.

Fly fishing used to refer to the sports of hooking trout. However, it slowly began to expand and now encompass other exotic fishes including tarpon in the Florida Keys, rainbow trout in Canada, landing bonefish in the Bahamas, and Pacific salmon in Alaska.

One can try the sports in several locations around the world, but only a few of them can give you that rewarding feeling. Take a quick tour with me and let’s explore the top places where you can fly fish.

Abacos, Bahamas

In the North of Bahamas lies a group of cays and islands that, if connected, will form a 120-mile chain. Here, you’ll be able to find swaths of bonefish flats like convoluted Marls complex of flats. You can also easily drop a relaxing handline and battle with a giant blue marlin as a sideline. Since the island is filled with a number of excellent fishing lodges, you’re sure to enjoy your stay there.

One note, though—bait is tricky to find on the island. Usually conches, small hooks, tiny jigs, or filleted tiny fish will do. However, with regards tackle, it’s best that you bring as much as you can handle.

Bristol Bay Region, Southwestern Alaska

You can’t talk about fly fishing without mentioning Alaska fishing trips. If you’re looking for arctic grayling, large rainbow trout, and five different species of Pacific salmon, then Southwestern Alaska is your place. You can also fish for coho salmons and rainbow runs there.

The good thing about going to Alaska is that it’s filled with the finest fishing guides who can give you all the necessary instructions to get the best catch. Moreover, it’s easy to arrange fishing trips there.

Ascension Bay, Mexico

In Ascension Bay, you’ll be able to find hundreds of square miles of flats which offer permits, tarpons, bonefish, barracuda, snook and jacks all year round. If you’re aiming to make a grand slam, you’re most probably be able to achieve it here. Go fishing for bonefish in its skinny water, look for permit in the flats, or just casually fish on its mangrove lagoon. Ascension Bay can offer you anything the floats your boat.

Alphonse Islands, The Seychelles

Does going to a remote, uninhabited Indian Ocean excite you? Then, Alphonse Island in the Seychelles might be what you’re looking for.

The island is a first-class wilderness that can be found 1,000 miles from the eastern African coast. It’s filled with tons of exotic game fishes including bonefish, giant trevally, and milkfish. Not only that; it is also home to 3 different kinds of Triggerfish, Snapper, Barracuda, Grouper, Parrotfish, and Permit. Its spectacular selection of fishes and luxurious accommodations has been attracting groups of fly fishing enthusiasts. In fact, it has been called the fly angler’s paradise.


It’s exciting to travel to new places and discover that each of them has something different to offer. If you want to become a champion in fly fishing, then you wouldn’t want to miss any of these destinations.



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