How to Protect Your Rights as an Athlete


While popular athletes can experience more privileges as they perform better, they also start to experience different types of abuses.

Professional athletes are known for their skills and endurance. Because of their popularity, many companies hire them to be their brand ambassador. If an athlete becomes an endorser, the company can use his image to promote their products. It will help the business owners increase their sales and productivity. In return, the athlete gains more income.

It’s no secrete that athletes often need attorneys to protect their rights when injuries happen & firms like Cohen, Placitella & Roth are well known for assisting with cases relating to things like brain injuries. However, what’s less than common knowledge, is the fact that there are cases when companies use the names of the athletes without their permission and without giving due compensation. Which also requires the assistance of legal professionals. Luckily, there are attorneys who specialize in this field & can help protect their rights as they deal with such issues

What are personality rights?

Personality right is also known as image rights. The athlete has the right to protect himself from the public. It can safeguard their names, images, persona or signatures. It’ll also keep them safe from inappropriate use of their names and photos without their knowledge and compensation. It includes the right to privacy and the right of that can be known.

How can athletes protect their image?

As sports personality, you can protect your image by using a trademark. A trademark is one of your rights to protect your identity. Trademarks can be in the form of a pose, signature, words or image.

Once you have made your mark, it will be exclusive to you. You should register your trademark as soon as possible. You can register your trademark in the national trademark registry.

What are the benefits of using a trademark?

After choosing and registering your trademark, you can now enjoy some rights that come along with it. For one, you’ve got the right to sell or use the trademark exclusively for profit. You also have the sole right to use your trademark to sell a product to create a brand. In other words, you can stop other people from piggy-backing your image. Lastly, you have the sole right to use the trademark. You can nationalize your trademark if you wish to expand globally.

In the case of infringement, you are allowed to take legal actions against the person. Most of the time, it will fall under state jurisdiction. You just have to ask assistance from your lawyers.

What are the things that you can do?

As a professional athlete, it is crucial that you put into consideration which part of your image or parts of it that you want to trademark. It can help you and your legal counsel to decide on the flow of action against transgression.


Most athletes find trademarks a hassle. However, trademark registrations are quite useful. Aside from the trademark, you should also know your rights. It can help you in the case of infringement. It can also guide you on the possible actions that you can do when exploitation occurs.

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