How to Eat Like a Champ


Boxer’s diets have been the subject of a lot of speculation over the years, with committed fighters following some odd diets. We’ve compiled some of these weird and wonderful meal plans, so you too can eat like a champ.

Anthony Joshua’s 5000 Calorie Diet

While a lot of us would like to be able to eat 5000 calorie a day, this champ isn’t chowing down on Big Macs or chocolate. Instead, his nutritionist keeps him on a high protein diet, which consists of a lot of chicken, rice and muesli. It’s all organic and reportedly costs Anthony Joshua a few hundred quid each week.

Unfortunately for Anthony Joshua, his love of coffee has been curbed by his nutritionist, as you can have too much of a good thing. This is apparently so that he gets a bigger hit from the caffeine before a fight. Then, after the fight this champ gets to eat whatever he wants, if only for a few hours.

David Haye’s Vegan Diet

When we think of a traditional boxer’s diet, we tend to think of a lot of chicken and raw eggs. David Haye has never been one to go down the traditional route and he actually has a vegan diet. He works closely with a nutritionist to ensure that he’s not missing out on any of the essential stuff.

After a series of injuries, the boxer started to research his diet more intensely, leading him to opt for a vegan diet. He says that this diet makes him feel younger and gives him all of the strength he needs to do the job, and when it comes to boxing betting, you can rest assured lots of people would put a lot of money on David Haye and his diet.

Apparently this kind of diet can benefit a fighter long into retirement, as it can reduce their risk of inflammation and cardiovascular disease.

Manny Pacquiao Eats Often

Manny Pacquiao starts his day with a protein shake at 3am and then goes on to eat six meals throughout the day. His favourite meals include Philippine dishes like Beef Tapa and he tends to stick to the fundamental rice and meat dishes. His training schedule allows him to burn up to 7000 calories a day, so he’s got to keep on top of the fuel to keep him going.

This trend is common among fighters that want to be able to get the right nutrition without stuffing themselves in a single meal. Amir Kahn is one of the few that actually skip meals and prefers to go for fewer, high calorie meals.

For many fighters, their performance relies on the right fuel. Eating right and getting enough calories is just the start, they also have to think about their macros and the volume of food they’re eating. If you want to eat like a champ, then you can follow any one of these diets.


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