5 Sports Stars You Never Realized Spent Time in Jail

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5 Sports Stars You Never Realized Spent Time in Jail picSports stars are often revered for the moves they make on the field, but there are some who also spent time behind bars for serious crimes that they committed. You’re probably familiar with the circumstances surrounding some stars, like Michael Vick, landing in jail. But you my not be aware of the stories of the following five athletes who have been arrested.



5. Carmelo Anthony


Carmelo may be known for hitting jump shots for the New York Knicks and Team USA, but he had a bad boy reputation when he first came to the NBA. Melo was arrested for marijuana possession before he entered the league; and he was arrested for driving under the influence in 2008. Carmelo was pulled over for wayward driving, and the officer found both him and his friend under the influence.



4. Randall Simon


It’s not often you hear about athletes getting in trouble with the team mascots. However, Randall Simon took offense to the mascots who were dressed up as food items on the sidelines of a baseball game. He proceeded to hit a 19 year old woman who was dressed up as an Italian sausage, and that cost him a few nights in jail. Simon was eventually convicted of assault and battery.



3. Kenneth Marshall


An up and coming football player for the Texas A&M University, Kenneth Marshall was arrested recently for possession of marijuana and illegally obtained prescription drugs. Marshall has been suspended by A&M pending an investigation, and will have to go through a court case to determine his criminal punishment. This is his second run-in with the law as he was arrested for marijuana use in 2012 as well. This time, he’ll have to hire a good Austin defense attorney to have much chance of ever playing college football again!



2. Cam Newton


In a bizarre series of events, Cam Newton was arrested for attempting to steal a laptop from a college student’s dorm room. The now NFL quarterback was said to be playing a prank on the student, but found himself in a hairy situation when the police showed up outside his door. He proceeded to toss the laptop out the window, and ended up spending a couple of nights in jail.



1. Najeh Davenport


A former running back for the Green Bay Packers, Davenport was once found relieving himself in the laundry room at Barry University. He was spotted by a fellow college student, who reported his actions to the campus police. He did not face any serious charges, but spent some time in jail for the offense.



There are plenty of famous athletes who have endured high profile criminal cases, but some of the names mentioned above are those we did not expect to be associated with jail time. With the help of good lawyers like those at harronlaw.com, some of these managed to continue their sports careers, while a few have found their dreams permanently dashed by their indiscretions.

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