£150m Sport Funding Boost for Primary Schools is Good News for Schools, Pupils and Parents

School Sports Day 2011

With childhood obesity on the rise any attempt to encourage children to be active should be welcomed. So, the government’s recent announcement of £150m worth of funding for sports in primary schools appears timely.

More Funding for Schools with Over 17 Pupils

The government funding works out at £8,000 for every primary school that has more than 17 pupils, and the £150m a year funding will be in place for the next two years. The money should be a boost for schools, children and parents. Schools will not be so hamstrung over trying to pay for sports equipment, children will have the opportunity to participate in sports they may never have previously experienced, and parents concerns over their children being inactive can become less of an issue. There should be at least one sport that a child will find that they are able to able to enjoy, but it should always remain enjoyable and not be something that they’re made to do against their will.

Olympic Legacy

The funding is part of a plan to create a sporting legacy on the back of the success of the London 2012 Olympics. Funding will be ring-fenced, with head teachers of each primary school having the responsibility of how best to utilise the funding that they receive. All the money will only be spent on equipment and training. The need of primary schools having to balance spending money on sports supplies or books has long been a problem, with sport often suffering as a result.

Currently, one in three children of primary school age are thought to be either overweight or obese. Primary school is a good place for physical inactivity and obesity to be tackled, as children at this impressionable age can develop a love for sport that lasts for the rest of their active life. With greater access to PE school equipment, and sports equipment generally, children at primary schools throughout the UK will have a greater opportunity of flourishing at sport. The result may be that the country will benefit in the years to come from an even greater generation of sporting superstars, and in greater numbers, too.

The exploits of Britain’s sporting heroes in the past twelve months have also helped to inspire children to take up sport. Whether they were inspired by the exploits of Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and Chris Hoy at the Olympics, or Bradley Wiggins success at the Tour de France and again at the Olympics, there’s certainly been a raft of role models for children to admire. Maybe most inspirational of all was Andy Murray’s Wimbledon triumph, which can surely only fuel the enthusiasm of many youngsters to take up tennis and follow in Murray’s footsteps.

More Sporting Opportunities for Children

The combination of improved funding and a golden era of British sport should also have favourable consequences with regard to the future health of the nation. More opportunities to take part in sport, and the inspiring effect of present sporting stars can combine to produce both new sporting stars and a more active and healthier population.

Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah have been prominent in their support of primary schoolchildren having greater access to PE school equipment and for sports funding to be increased in primary schools. The legacy of this funding should be something that benefits us all.

This article is written by Jack Thompson who is a former primary school PE teacher and supporter of the Youth Sports Trust.

5 Rising Golf Stars to Keep Your Eye On

5 Rising Golf Stars to Keep Your Eye On pic
Chris Stroud at the AT&T National Practice Round

If you’re good at something, try to make a career out of it. That’s the advice given to many youngsters these days. After all, you will be much more likely to succeed if you have passion for something. Well, these golf enthusiasts took a leap of faith and ended up surprising everyone including themselves. Here are five up-and-coming golf stars to look out for.



1. Hideki Matsuyama


Matsuyama is a fresh 21-year-old who simply loves to play the game. His enthusiasm for the sport can be seen when he’s out on the grass. This cheery young man might not be well known yet, but he’s starting to make heads turn his way. Just half a year after turning pro, Matsuyama made it to the President’s Cup, but he failed to impress. Nonetheless, he’s already done well in past U.S. and British Open events and shows tons of promise.



2. Seung-Yul Noh


This kid has played in a handful of big-name tournaments over the years. His first major win was at a European Tour event–and he was only 18 at the time. Noh is probably best known for performing solidly as a rookie on the 2012 PGA Tour, and he’s managed to stay eligible for the 2013-2014 PGA Tour by doing well at the Web.com Tour Finals. He’s got his sights set on big things, and there’s little doubt that he has the talent to achieve them.



3. Ben Martin


Martin graduated from Clemson University, but he never really needed to put his degree to use. Being a natural golfer, Martin took a shot at playing in the pros. He’s already managed to rake in over $400,000 in regular season earnings, and he’s consistently ranked at the top in the Web.com Tour. Such a hotshot should have his own line of Golfmotion.com.au custom golf balls or polo shirts.



4. Chris Stroud


Stroud had four top-ten finishes at the Travelers Championship. He ended the 2013 PGA Tour with a whopping $1.6 million in prize earnings–a personal lifetime best for the rookie and more money than anyone could realistically imagine having at his age. It’s clear that Stroud has true talent, and he’ll surely stick around the pro circuit for a while.



5. Edward Loar


Loar might not be as young as all the other guys, but this 35-year-old definitely puts up a good fight when he’s in the zone. Heading the Web.com Tour in birdie and putting averages, he only earned less money in the regular season than three other players. Loar is also known for having a strong arm as his average hit off the tee was just over 309 yards this year.



As seasoned pros retire from the sport, new talent enters the world of professional golf. These characters add excitement and uncertainty to the game, and renowned pros might even fall to their skills during a major tournament. It’s the low-lying underdogs that make golf consistently entertaining.

Top 3 Tips on Winter Running

Now that we’re firmly in the cold grip of winter, it can be incredibly difficult to lace up those running shoes and battle the elements. However, with a little encouragement and self-determination, winter running can be a mentally invigorating exercise that can help you keep additional Christmas weight at bay. Here are our top three tips on running through the winter:



Winter may be a time of festive cheer and cosy evenings by the fire, but the long stretch of dark nights, gloomy weather and freezing temperatures are enough to dampen anyone’s mood. If you’ve come down with a severe case of the winter blues, the first step you should take is improving your diet. Oily fish like salmon, mackerel and herring are all excellent sources of a vitamin D: something we sorely lack in the winter due to the lack of sunlight.

However, this advice doesn’t do you much good if you don’t like seafood. Instead, you might benefit from taking a regular vitamin supplement. Pharma Nord has a wide variety of vitamin D and omega-3 supplements that can improve your health and mood.


Be safe

The limited amount of daylight during the winter means that it very likely you’ll be running in the dark. If that’s the case, make sure you make yourself visible to other pedestrians and vehicles by wearing reflective clothing and lights.

Plan your route in advance and tell a friend or family member where you’ll be going. Try to stick to well-lit areas and avoid deserted sections of the country. If you were to trip and hurt yourself, you’ll want to have help close to hand.


Wrap up

Dressing for the winter isn’t just about throwing a hundred layers on.  Yes, you may feel cold to start off with, but you’ll soon warm up and start to sweat if you’re too covered up.

A base layer is the best place to start. It will move the moisture away from your body and prevent the oncoming chill. Where cotton becomes soggy with sweat, a base layer will capture the moisture and move it away from your body.

Gloves and a hat are also essential for winter running. If you get too warm, simply take them off and give yourself a couple of minutes to vent. For further advice on the type of clothing you’ll need, read this helpful article on TheRunningShop.uk.com.


BMX Bikes – For Those Who Like a Challenge

BMX racing is a highly popular and exciting sport for all ages, which can be enjoyed by all the family. In its purest form, BMX racing is considered an extreme sport, and now is featured in the Olympic Games. However, BMX bikes have a range of uses, and the style of bike is tailored to the way you want to ride it.


BMX stands for bicycle motocross, and BMX racing originated in the USA in the 70s, as a way to enable young people to get involved in motocross, a type of off-road motorcycling. However, it very soon became a sport in its own right. The original bikes used were based on transport bikes and were not suitable for this form of racing, but manufacturers soon started to make bikes that were adapted to the requirements of the sport.


A BMX race is a short sprint over a single lap of a specially built track, usually about 300-400 meters. A maximum of eight riders can compete in a single race, which usually lasts only about 30-40 seconds, but one race starts almost before the previous one has finished, meaning the action is virtually non-stop. The track contains various obstacles to be negotiated, including small hills, dirt jumps, and banked bends, making it an exhilarating experience for both riders and spectators.


Because they were built for this specific type of racing, BMX bikes have many distinctive features. They are much smaller than standard road bikes, with strong fixed-size frames, 20-inch wheels, and high U-shaped handlebars to allow riders to sit upright while racing. They have only one forward gear, and although they are sold with front and rear brakes, racers often remove the front one to save weight.


However, although BMX bikes were originally designed to meet the requirements of racers, different variations of the sport subsequently developed, and different styles of the bike have evolved to suit these variations. Two of the most popular of these are freestyle, and dirt jumping. This means you do not have to be a racer to enjoy the pleasures of BMX bike riding.


Freestyle, or flatland, BMX is about using BMX bikes to perform stunts and tricks on streets, in flat areas like car parks, and in specially designated areas like skate parks. Freestyle bikes have smaller frames and shorter wheelbases, to provide the maximum mobility. They have axle pegs, to enable riders to stand up, plus a freecoaster hub and zero-offset fork, to make balancing easier for a wide variety of stunts.


Dirt jump BMX biking, on the other hand, involves riding off-road over dirt tracks with bumpy surfaces. These BMX bikes are the most versatile of the three styles, and can be used for racing or any type of riding — so this is the type to choose if you are not sure what version of the sport you want to go for. They have extra heavy duty frames, and wider tires with a knobby tread pattern, plus an easier gear ratio.


Racing or riding BMX bikes is a unique sport, ideal for anyone who loves the open air and enjoys a challenge. Because the sport is suitable for all ages, including very young children, it takes place in a relaxed, family-friendly environment, and the emphasis is on fun and enjoyment as much as on competition. Whichever variety of the sport appeals to you, there is a bike to suit your exact requirements. For example, these Cycling Deal BMX Bikes.


Olympic Dreams: 5 Athletes Poised to Make a Huge Impression at Sochi

Olympic Dreams--5 Athletes Poised to Make a Huge Impression at Sochi picBefore you know it, the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia will be playing on your television sets. If you are a fan of the Winter Olympics, you probably know all about big stars like Shaun White, Lindsey Vonn, and Alex Ovechkin. While these athletes are great to watch, there are also a few newcomers that will be worth looking out for in February of 2014. Here are 5 newbies ready to make a big splash in Russia.



1) Sara Takanishi


This Japanese teenager hopes to make a splash in women’s ski jumping. This particular event is making its Olympic debut in 2014. The star ski jumper, who stands under five feet tall, attributes her amazing sense of balance to her childhood ballet training. A winner of the overall World Cup title, Takanishi hopes to add Olympic gold to her list of athletic accomplishments and she’s well-positioned to do so.



2) Katie Summerhayes


The English freestyle skier is only a teenager, but she has already won the first World Cup medal for an English woman in two decades. Summerhayes may be coming back from a knee injury, but it wont dash her hopes for a Sochi medal if she has anything to say about it.



3) Gracie Gold


This American figure skater has all the technical skills needed to go for the gold. She took second at the most recent U.S. championships and competed in the world championships. She’s known for her beautiful style and technical prowess. Not only does Gold have the talent to go for the podium, she has the perfect name for Olympic glory!



4) Ayumu Hirano


Shaun White has some competition for the Olympic halfpipe competition. Hirano gave White a run for his money at the 2013 X Games. With his unique skills and style, many say that this Japanese teenager is the future of snowboarding. It remains to be seen whether the future starts in 2014.



5) Mark McMorris


This high flying Canadian is a threat for the gold in the slopestyle competition, which is a downhill snowboarding contest. While all eyes will be on Shaun White, many expect McMorris to take home the gold. Slopestyle is also making its Olympic debut in 2014. If he medals, you can be sure there will be an emotional telephone call home to his family and friends.



The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi promises to be full of exciting, death defying feats of strength, grace, and athletic prowess. If you haven’t already, check out the many available sport packages to find one that offers all the Olympics coverage you want . You don’t want to miss a moment of this worldwide gathering of athleticism and good will.

Four Things Parents Should Know Before Letting Their Children Play Sports

ballWhen you let your kids get involved with sports, you have to be careful. There are some perils that can come along with sports. You have to keep an eye out for bad coaching, poor sportsmanship, over competiveness and injuries. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let your kids enjoy sports. Playing sports is an important part of growing up, and it is very good for kids when done right. Here are four things you need to know before your kids begin playing sports.

1. It Is Supposed to Be Fun

There are way too many parents who take youth sports too competitively. These kids sports leagues are supposed to be about exercise, having fun and learning teamwork. Be on the lookout for coaches and other parents who take the games too seriously. Make sure that your child knows that sports are supposed to be fun.

2. Bad Coaches Are out There

Unfortunately, there are some scary coaches out there. Some are mean to their athletes. Some encourage bullying among players. Some are too competitive. However, these coaches are fortunately in the minority. Most are great people who will teach your child valuable skills. The best way to avoid the bad coaches is to get to know the coaches of your children’s teams before you let them join them.

3. Injuries Happen

If your kids play sports, they are bound to get injured at one time or another. It is just part of the game. You have to learn to accept this and become comfortable with it. You should learn how to treat your child’s sport injures when they happen. Learn how to use sports tape,  ice injuries and tape ankles. When you have these skills, you won’t be worried as much about your child getting injured.

4. Poor Sportsmanship Is on the Rise

You will have to get used to this fact. As troubling as it may seem, poor sportsmanship shows few signs of slowing down. Whether it is due to pro athletes’ bad examples or just a breakdown in society, your child will be exposed to it. Make sure that you teach your child the value of good sportsmanship, and show him how foolish it looks when other children are poor sports.

If you are prepared well for the day your child starts playing sports, it will be an exciting time. Learning these four things will get you ready. Embrace the moment when your child decides to play sports. Playing sports will teach valuable life lessons to your child

5 of the Best Nutritional Supplements for Athletes of Any Caliber

supplement gymPeople who are serious about their work outs have the potential to increase their athletic performance but often need extra help meeting their nutritional needs. Strenuous sporting activities and the exercise done to train for those athletic events serve to use up vital nutrients as well as calories. Here are some common nutrients that athletes should replace through supplementation to maintain their athletic prowess and healthy vitality.


#1 Protein

Lean muscle mass is usually credited with powering athletic performance, and protein is the foundation of that muscle development. After training or performing, athletes often break down muscles that need repair during a rest or recovery period. A quality source of protein like Nutri-Burn found at naturessunshine.com is needed to rebuild that muscle tissue. Some athletes have adopted vegetarian and vegan dietary lifestyles, and there are some combinations of plant-based proteins that help them perform at their peak.


#2 Vitamin D

Vitamin D is well-known for its contribution to bone health in partnership with calcium. Most people ,including non-athletes, are deficient in vitamin D, which also serves to enhance immune function. Recently, the vitamin was found to energize athletes and increase endurance during events and training.


#3 Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids

Athletes that perform exercises that extensively work their cardiovascular systems, along with other major muscle groups, benefit greatly from consumption of omega 3 fatty acids, which are known for their heart health and anti-inflammatory properties. The most common omega 3 supplement taken by athletes is a high quality, mercury free fish oil. A vegetarian and vegan alternative for omega 3 supplementation is flax seed oil.


#4 Vitamin C

Even regular, moderate exercise consumes the body’s supplies of the antioxidant vitamin C, and it stands to reason that athletic performance and training further depletes the body’s vitamin C stores. Besides helping to protect the body’s immune system against infection, vitamin C also repairs tissues that become extra stressed during physical exertion. Athletes should avoid the cheap, synthetic vitamin C and choose a supplement that is derived from natural sources like rosehips or acerola cherries.


#5 Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane

Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane commonly called MSM is a sulfur based chemical that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This is important to most athletes because they regularly experience inflammation during the break down and rebuilding of muscles and any joint stress or injury. Through MSM, athletes derive pain relief without risky side effects.


Athletes of all skill levels tend to use up more calories and nutrients than their non-active counterparts. Ideally, the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants would be replaced through nutrient rich foods. However, consuming the nutrients in supplementation form is probably the most efficient way to correct deficiencies.

Cadillac Wheels:- Fascinating Designs

Cars are one of those things which fascinates every other human being. The fascination knows no gender, no age and no class. The look and design of a vehicle is what fascinates most percentage of people. One of the most important parts which changes the look and feel of the car is its wheels. There are several companies selling wheels around the globe. Cadillac is one of them and is one of the most popular brands in wheels. Cadillac itself means luxury and were one of the first wheel companies to provide smooth and did not shatter.

Demand of Cadillac wheels

Original Cadillac wheels have its own fan following and is in a lot of demand. This demand has turned into a market and thus opportunity for many businessmen to start original Cadillac wheel sales. With the age of the internet sales have also shifted online. There are several websites which deal with Cadillac wheels you can always visit them a have a look at their offers and buy them. There are physical stores as well which sells the Original Cadillac wheels, you can have a look there also if you have a fear of buying it online. Also the location factor will matter when buying a wheel from an online store at the online store might give you offers but can charge heavily for the delivery.

The Cadillac wheels are being used in various products ranging from Toyota, BMW cars to skateboards. It has gained quite a popularity among the skaters. These wheels are surely on the expensive side but that does not affect its popularity at all. For people who cannot pay this kind of money can avail the various offers on Cadillac OEM wheels. Allfactorywheels.com provides a 50% off on MRP. Likewise there are several websites which have similar offers and they make it available for you at cheaper rates. You must be very careful while buying them online because the size of the rim, tires and others specification must match with the one where the wheel has to be fitted.You must also check for the physical stores of the online store where you can get the wheel fitted. Fitting the wheel is not rocket science but as loose nuts can be dangerous.

Cadillac Wheels Vs Others

The Cadillac wheels in comparison to other wheels in the market have gained the popularity because of its long life and design. It has a long range for cars motor bikes and skates as well. In 1973 they were first used for skateboards for the reason they became famous, they did not chatter and were buttery smooth. The only problem it had that it heated up pretty fast which was later solved as the technology advanced.

Cadillac wheels are one of those few companies whose production is being done is the United States. They are still considered to be the best wheels for a skateboard. Their design and looks are popular among cars as well. Next time when you see a luxury car whose designer wheels attract you do check its wheels, probability of reading Cadillac wheels is very high.

Author Bio: The author beautifully explains about Cadillac wheels. The readers can understand from this self explanatory article.

Pinnacle Reason to Buy Cheapest NHL Jersey In Online


Everyone in the world will like to play any of the sports; the people are intending to spend time for it to get utmost relaxations. Some people will spare time to view the national level games and the international games. Among the many games the NHL is the one which majority of the people likes to view. If you are the fan of national hockey league then you can show your likeness by wearing the NHL jersey. There are many companies are existing and hence you need to choose one of the best companies to get the amazing cloths of different types. The people are intended to choose one of the preferred companies to get the quality products. The cheap nhl jerseys are possible with the arrival of many companies in order to improve their marketing the companies are offering the product at low cost, in addition to that the poepel are expecting for further low cost jersey.

Types of NHL jersey

Here are some tips for you, based on it you can choose the company. Before getting the cheap NHL jerseys then you need to know in detail about Nation hockey team. Because the color, number, designs and styles are added in jersey. If and only if you know all the details then you can choose the best items from the best place. The shirts are available in different types, they are printed, embroidery and with the added stitching in the nhl jerseys. Hence you can choose your favorite. The nhl jerseys are not designed to make the spectators happy but also it stirs the players to win the match. If you really want to prove your team then you can buy the jerseys. The cheap hockey jerseys are available in both online and in the offline store where you can get the product in very short time. Make use of the best company and get an excellent quality hockey jersey.

Getting cheapest NHL jersey

Getting the hockey jerseys will have some significance for the players and the fans of the players. In order to get the cheap hockey jerseys then you can choose the online as the best medium. In online you can get the products in huge range and also in cheaper cost. You can also get the jersey in which your hockey champions are autographed. Some companies are also offering such type of dresses.

The cheap jerseys is available across the country and hence you are intended to choose one of the best company which is offering you the quality dresses. The hockey dresses are available in affordable price and hence everyone can buy the product. Choosing the right product is seems to be very difficult and it is possible if you know the entire details about the hockey team and their dress code. If you are well versed then you can make your selection in the right way. The people who are fan of the national hockey league then you can show your interest by wearing the NHL hockey jerseys and making your favorite player stir the interest and win the game!

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5 Sports Stars You Never Realized Spent Time in Jail

5 Sports Stars You Never Realized Spent Time in Jail picSports stars are often revered for the moves they make on the field, but there are some who also spent time behind bars for serious crimes that they committed. You’re probably familiar with the circumstances surrounding some stars, like Michael Vick, landing in jail. But you my not be aware of the stories of the following five athletes who have been arrested.



5. Carmelo Anthony


Carmelo may be known for hitting jump shots for the New York Knicks and Team USA, but he had a bad boy reputation when he first came to the NBA. Melo was arrested for marijuana possession before he entered the league; and he was arrested for driving under the influence in 2008. Carmelo was pulled over for wayward driving, and the officer found both him and his friend under the influence.



4. Randall Simon


It’s not often you hear about athletes getting in trouble with the team mascots. However, Randall Simon took offense to the mascots who were dressed up as food items on the sidelines of a baseball game. He proceeded to hit a 19 year old woman who was dressed up as an Italian sausage, and that cost him a few nights in jail. Simon was eventually convicted of assault and battery.



3. Kenneth Marshall


An up and coming football player for the Texas A&M University, Kenneth Marshall was arrested recently for possession of marijuana and illegally obtained prescription drugs. Marshall has been suspended by A&M pending an investigation, and will have to go through a court case to determine his criminal punishment. This is his second run-in with the law as he was arrested for marijuana use in 2012 as well. This time, he’ll have to hire a good Austin defense attorney to have much chance of ever playing college football again!



2. Cam Newton


In a bizarre series of events, Cam Newton was arrested for attempting to steal a laptop from a college student’s dorm room. The now NFL quarterback was said to be playing a prank on the student, but found himself in a hairy situation when the police showed up outside his door. He proceeded to toss the laptop out the window, and ended up spending a couple of nights in jail.



1. Najeh Davenport


A former running back for the Green Bay Packers, Davenport was once found relieving himself in the laundry room at Barry University. He was spotted by a fellow college student, who reported his actions to the campus police. He did not face any serious charges, but spent some time in jail for the offense.



There are plenty of famous athletes who have endured high profile criminal cases, but some of the names mentioned above are those we did not expect to be associated with jail time. With the help of good lawyers like those at harronlaw.com, some of these managed to continue their sports careers, while a few have found their dreams permanently dashed by their indiscretions.